For a long time, Wall Street has been saying “TINA,” which stands for “there is no alternative to stocks.”

This is deception. There are lots of alternatives, and better ones than stocks, and less risky. For example: T-bonds!

In early 2014, there wasn’t one analyst on Wall Street that recommended T-bonds. In fact, almost everyone said to stay away from T-bonds because of the low yield.

Once again we were in the minority with our bullishness on T-bonds. We wrote to ignore the yield and focus on the potential capital appreciation as interest rates globally would decline. The relationship is mathematical: lower interest rates = higher bond prices.

We were right. Over the next 13 months, the ETF for T-bonds we recommended (EDV) was up a fantastic 51%, far outperforming the stock market. 


Then came the inevitable pullback which always occurs after a big upmove.

However, just recently the EDV made a new high, rising another 35%. As you can see, this one call far outperformed the S&P 500 (thin dark line) since 2014.

Members to our new, revolutionary HEDGEFOLIOS service profited handsomely during that time as our models held heavy positions in T-Bond related ETFs.

Look at the great performance of our five model portfolios so far in 2016 and how they all drastically outperformed the market, as represented by the S&P 500 (the green bar is the S&P 500).



The “proof in the pudding” as they say is when a program not only outperforms during a bull market but also when the markets plunge as it did in the first six weeks of 2016. Just look at how our HedgeFolios performed when the S&P 500 plunged from January to February; our HedgeFolios had strong rises. Then, when the S&P 500 staged a rally thereafter, our HedgeFolios continued to soar to incredible gains.



Yes, you too can sleep at night with HEDGEFOLIOS. This is not a managed account program. Instead, we provide you with our professional investment guidance via our five model portfolios, which you can conveniently replicate in your own account. You are in full control. You can simply line up your portfolio with our models, or you can fine-tune the positions held if you prefer.

Only you have access to your portfolio. In this day and age, where a major Wall Street firm was found to have used customer funds up $52 billion for their own trading, this means safety and “peace of mind.”

Wouldn’t you want to protect your investments, no matter how
volatile the market becomes, no matter which way the market swings?

Our HedgeFolios were designed for the type of environment that we have seen since the end of 2015. They are defensive during bear markets, and even allow you to profit while stock markets plunge. And during bull markets, HedgeFolios will participate in the bullish up-trends.

We don’t believe in the ruinous “buy and hold for the long-term” strategy. We implement an active investing strategy that allows our members to protect their portfolio amid the market swings. We are not permanent bears, contrary to others. We aim to make money in bull and bear markets.

Now, for a limited time, you can save 15% with the brand new Gold Quarterly Membership for those who wish to try the HedgeFolios program on a shorter-term basis. Now you can gain the many advantages HedgeFolios has to offer your investment strategy, which is performing exceptionally well in this extremely fragile market.

It’s not too late to join. Don’t make the mistake of sitting on current losses until they turn to giant losses. That’s what most investors do, and it can be devastating to your portfolio.

HedgeFolios is ideal for investors who want to be worry-free during tumultuous market action, when most investors are incredibly disappointed and confused with the performance of their own portfolio. This program will let you sleep at night, whether markets rise or plunge.

Join us today! We are always happy to speak with prospective members about the program and how it can give you an advantage in the market.
Very sincerely,

Client Relations
Dohmen Strategies, LLC


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*Model performance: 12/31/2015 through 7/5/2016. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Performance is based on our model Folios, provided by the third-party online brokerage firm that provides the platform for the model portfolios. Performance may not always reflect the same returns of actual members as HedgeFolios is not a managed account program. The investor makes each ultimate decision on his/her own investments. Consult your investment advisor. Dohmen Strategies, LLC is not a registered investment advisors.