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Are You Protected Against a Sudden Market Correction?

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The Time to Prepare is Right Now, Before the Election


The major indices have not made any progress over the past 3 months.

Most people only watch the Dow Jones Industrials Average (30 big-cap stocks) or the S&P 500 Index (500 stocks). Both indices made new all-time highs this past August.

So all is well in the markets, right?

But look closely at the chart below. Since making its top two months ago, the S&P 500 index is now below the level it was back in May 2015.

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Bubbles are Now Bursting Across the Globe!

bubbles-markets-10-14-16 It’s been a wonderful 7 years for stock market investors since the bottom in 2009. At least that’s what Wall Street tells you. In fact, Wall Street and all the advisors with conflicts of interest tell you that it will continue for many more years to come.

The truth is that investors have pulling their money out of mutual funds at a record pace for those 7 years. And over the past two years, even the best and most seasoned hedge funds are seeing huge outflows, up to 65% of their investors’ money.
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Prepare for the Post-Election Market Move!

Bert Dohmen Large

On Tuesday, the day after the first presidential debate, we issued an important Strategy Advisory to our valued HedgeFolios members. In that Strategy Advisory, we wrote:

The markets are biding time, supported by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury’s “PPT” team. The case we have made for many months, that the ‘agenda’ would be to produce positive (though phony) economic numbers and support stocks ahead of the election is right on track.

If you have invested in the “average” stock on the NYSE in April of 2014, you would have zero gains. The NYSE COMPOSITE INDEX is shown here, which includes all the stocks on the NYSE.

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Retailers’ Stocks Spike While Retail Sales are Collapsing!

Central_department_store_anchorOver the past two trading days the stocks of some of the biggest retailer’s, such as Macy’s, sky-rocketed ahead of the official July 2016 retail sales data. That was strange as Macy’s reported it would close 100 stores. Well, you don’t close stores because business is so good.

Furthermore, Macy’s reported that net income plummeted 95% in 2Q, year-over-year.

The first quarter, on a year-over-year basis, sales dropped 5.7%, and net income dropped 82%. But the stock soared 17%. So why did the stock rally?

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Warning Signal From the Emerging Markets

Bert Dohmen Large

How do we know? That’s what investors told us in 2009 after the global crisis wiped out an incredible $64 TRILLION of investor wealth globally.

We had warned about the global crisis. In fact, Bert Dohmen, founder of Dohmen Strategies, wrote a book in 2007, Prelude To Meltdown, predicting that an immense global credit markets crisis would occur in late 2008. Not only was this right on target, it also was right on the timing. In fact, our advice to buy specific inverse ETFs allowed investors to make some incredible profits during the crash.

We now see similar global conditions in the credit markets as we saw in 2007-2008. The credit markets are much bigger and much more important than the world’s stock markets because that’s where the danger emanates.
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Can Bonds Outperform Stocks?


For a long time, Wall Street has been saying “TINA,” which stands for “there is no alternative to stocks.” This is deception. There are lots of alternatives, and better ones than stocks, and less risky. For example: T-bonds!

In early 2014, there wasn’t one analyst on Wall Street that recommended T-bonds. In fact, almost everyone said to stay away from T-bonds because of the low yield.

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“All Hell Is Breaking Loose…”


So says John Butler, the former Managing Director at Deutsche Bank, Germany’s largest bank. He should know: Deutsche Bank is in big trouble and in the end may have to be bailed out or nationalized by the government. Butler told the excellent Financial Sense program:

"The European economy in the aggregate has not grown since the financial crisis in 2008...(and) is in deep, deep stagnation...

All hell is breaking loose but it's breaking loose on what was still an extraordinarily weak financial foundation..."

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Bert Dohmen Predicts… An Economic Shocker!


Friday’s (6/3/2016) jobs report was terrible. Only 36,000 jobs were created versus expectations of around 200,000. The only job growth was in government (wonderful) and health care, which is more government, Obamacare.

shock 220.jpg

The amazing thing was that the unemployment rate plunged to 4.7%. That’s the number Washington will brag about. But they won’t mention that it is because the labor force is shrinking as more people give up looking for jobs. About 450,000 left the labor force last week.

The fallacy can be seen by this: theoretically, if all people were to leave the labor force, the unemployment rate would be zero. Washington would probably cheer although no one would be working.

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Don’t Fear a Bear Market, Profit From It!


With all of the pent up bearish sentiment, the next market crash is inevitable. But there is no need to worry about it! Instead of suffering major pain during market plunges, you could be profiting all the way down.

At the beginning of the year, the major indices absolutely plummeted. The DJI & S&P 500 both declined over 11%, the NASDAQ fell over 15%, and the Russell 2000 plunged about 17%. However, one set of active investors profited nicely during that time and kept on accumulating gains even when the markets staged a big recovery thereafter.

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