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On Tuesday, the day after the first presidential debate, we issued an important Strategy Advisory to our valued HedgeFolios members. In that Strategy Advisory, we wrote:

The markets are biding time, supported by the Federal Reserve and the US Treasury’s “PPT” team. The case we have made for many months, that the ‘agenda’ would be to produce positive (though phony) economic numbers and support stocks ahead of the election is right on track.

If you have invested in the “average” stock on the NYSE in April of 2014,
you would have zero gains. The NYSE COMPOSITE INDEX is shown here, which includes all the stocks on the NYSE.


Right now we are getting some very significant signals from our long-term indicators, preparing us ahead of the post-election market environment.

You see, no matter how hard they try, Washington simply cannot repeal reality.

Washington cannot repeal reality. And that is the continued deterioration in important economic numbers not controlled by them, in corporate sales, and in profits. Profits have now declined for 6 consecutive quarters (18 months). Do you remember Wall Street telling everyone for many years that earnings drive the stock market? Well, apparently earnings are not needed anymore. But that is the illusion. The foundation of this market has become like Swiss Cheese, full of holes.

Our HedgeFolios are doing very well, while actual hedge funds are having a terrible time, the worst in decades. Major funds, many considered amongst the best, are seeing outflows of 50%-60% of their assets as investors ask for redemptions.

Some very high profile hedge funds, in business for a long time, are now closing. These investors should look at HedgeFolios as an alternative.

While many big hedge funds are reporting low, single-digit gains this year, HedgeFolios performance is double-digit. Take a look at the chart below.


However, we expect important changes in the market environment after the election, no matter who is elected.

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