We are Dohmen Strategies, a professional investment guidance firm
backed by over 40 years of experience in the markets.

We developed an exciting new service, HedgeFolios, to provide a
convenient way serious investors like you can easily implement our
top market analysis and forecasts.

So what is the HedgeFolios Advantage?

Control: The revolutionary HedgeFolios program allows you, the investor, to manage your own portfolio according to the model HedgeFolios established by global market authority, Bert Dohmen.
Convenience: You can sync your own portfolio with our model HedgeFolios in a matter of seconds with just one simple mouse click.
Worry-Free: You have no hassle, no worries, but enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have our 40 years of professional investment guidance working for you.
Protect & Profit: During times of great market vulnerability, HedgeFolios can help you protect your wealth by hedging, allowing your portfolio to profit as markets plunge. 

Find out more about how you can gain the many advantages HedgeFolios can offer to your investing strategy.

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