What is the HedgeFolios Advantage?

Dohmen HedgeFolios allows you, the investor, to manage your own portfolio according to the model HedgeFolios established by global market authority, BERT DOHMEN.

You can sync your own portfolio with our model HedgeFolios in a matter of seconds with just one simple mouse click.

You have no hassle, no worries, but enjoy the peace of mind knowing you have our professional guidance.

During times of great market vulnerability, HedgeFolios can hedge, and help you profit as markets plunge.

A Superior
Investment Strategy

HedgeFolios are designed to protect the investor from big declines.

The strategy doesn’t take the “buy and hold forever” approach.

Using Bert Dohmen’s “Double-Profit Strategy,” you can profit in bull and bear markets.

Through our Sector Timing and Allocation approach, HedgeFolios is designed to be long the strongest sectors, and when appropriate, be short the weakest sectors via “inverse ETFs.”

Therefore, HedgeFolios aims to minimize your risk and maximize your potential gains in any market environment.

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The HedgeFolios Advantage

  • The analysis of a top global market authority
  • You get “worry-free” investing without any hassles or work
  • Sector and portfolio investment “TIMING” will protect you
  • You can select from several carefully structured portfolios
  • You can switch between portfolios without cost
  • You get very low transaction costs
  • You pay zero asset-based management fees, just a membership
  • You get other membership benefits, (webinars, seminars, events)
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Market Timing

Investing should be a dynamic process, not static because the world, nor the markets, are static.

Contrary to popular belief, catching a few big winners is not the road to investment success.

Avoiding the big losses is far more important. Using advanced technical analysis, we typically get “sell” signals on a sector before painful damage is incurred and “buy” signals when a sector begins to rise.

HedgeFolios aims to do exactly that by catching the major downturns and upswings, allowing you to achieve superior investment results.

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Have you ever wished that you could have avoided some of your biggest losses when going over your investment statements? You quickly realize you could have had solid performance if it weren’t for those big losses, either in a few positions or on the wrong side during strong market corrections or bear markets like 2008-2009.

You see, whereas the vast majority of investors focus on trying to find the big winners, the real secret to big investment success is to avoid the bear markets and crashes. That means, selling before a strong market correction, or big bear market, which cause your gains to vanish and turn to painful losses.

With that in mind, we have created an ideal solution utilizing our “Double-profit” strategy. This strategy is designed to capture the larger sector and index moves, exiting positions before profits vanish, and re-investing the gains in other sectors that may just be starting their moves. This is done using advanced technical analysis.

You see, most of the time, the big investment flows go into what is called “sector rotation.” The big institutional money doesn’t stay in one of several sectors forever. Once a sector has had it’s run and becomes overvalued, the money flows out and then into new sectors that appear undervalued.

If you can catch those shifts, you can significantly enhance your portfolio performance. That is what we aim to do for you. Of course, there is never any certainty that this can be accomplished as well as in the past. As they say, “past performance is no guarantee for equal future results.”

HEDGEFOLIOS is the simplest way for investors to manage their own investment portfolios, with the professional guidance to help lead you to successful investing. You can decide how much you want to be involved.

We provide the in depth research and market timing, but you stay in control of your own investment portfolio.