Challenges for Today’s Investor:

  • Not knowing what to buy, whether it be stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, or bonds
  • Not knowing when to invest and when to sell
  • Avoiding the big losses of market corrections and bear markets
  • Finding an experienced analyst with a long-term track record of avoiding the big bear markets and crashes
  • Finding unbiased and conflict-free advice
  • All for a reasonable fee

Going over your investment account statements, have you ever wished that you could have avoided some of the big losers? You realize that you could have done well except for those big losses, either from some poorly-performing individual positions, or from being too exposed during strong market corrections and bear markets like 2008-2009.

While the vast majority of investors focus on trying to find the big winners, the real secret to big investment success is to avoid the big losses. That means selling before a strong market correction or big bear market, which can cause your gains to vanish and turn to painful losses. With that in mind, we have created a solution for you and many other investors.

HedgeFolios is the ultimate solution for investors seeking to manage their own investment portfolios with professional guidance, while still keeping full control of their portfolio. We provide the research and market timing, but you take care of your own investment account with our guidance.

Dohmen Strategies’ HedgeFolios is NOT a managed account service. You retain full control of your own portfolio, with the advantage of professional guidance in the markets.

When there is a change in any of our model HedgeFolios, you will be notified immediately. You then log in to your account and can synchronize your portfolio with our model HedgeFolios.

Our HedgeFolios eliminate many of the disadvantages of managed accounts, while providing hassle free active investing. You get the benefit of the expertise and research of one of the most respected investment analysts in the business, Bert Dohmen without the hefty investment fees charged by advisors.

With traditional “managed accounts,” the investor gives a power of attorney to the money management firm to manage their portfolio. Investors typically only see on a quarterly basis what is happening in their accounts and what positions they own.

Additionally, with managed accounts, the investor must provide his personal financial information to the management firm, which may not be safeguarded. After the numerous stories of deception and fraud that surfaced during the 2008-2009 crisis, keeping your financial information private should be a priority.

Summary: Our HedgeFolios provide investors with the professional guidance of a managed account, while still allowing you the convenience and control of managing your own account directly.