Q: Why is it called “HedgeFolios?”
Q: Is HedgeFolios a “hedge fund” or “managed account” program?
Q: Does the HedgeFolios program use individual stocks?
Q: Do I need to sign up for a brokerage account at Folio Investing?
Q: Can I use my current brokerage firm to replicate your HedgeFolios?
Q: I’m not from the United States, but I’d like to become a HedgeFolios member. Can I sign up?
Q: Can I “buy into” more than one HedgeFolio at a time?
Q: Can I view and track the HedgeFolios while my account is waiting to get funded?
Q: How do I fund my Folio Investing account?
Q: I would like to use your HedgeFolios program with my 401k account. Is this possible?
Q: Will HedgeFolios do any “short-selling” of equities?
Q: What if an investor doesn’t want to use the inverse funds?
Q: What is the difference between the HedgeFolios program offered by Dohmen Strategies, LLC and the Private Portfolios service offered by your related firm Dohmen Capital?