“My introduction to Mr. Dohmen was through his Wellington [Letter] newsletter. I had very little experience with the stock market other than the standard participation in my 401(k). I knew there were stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, and ETFs, but I did not know the pros and cons of each one. After reading the Wellington Letter for four months, Mr. Dohmen had begun to earn my trust. I had about $88,000 to invest and I wanted to get into the market. I looked at his two other newsletters, but the idea of actively trading based on recommendations from a newsletter regarding stocks or ETFs frightened me. That’s where Hedgefolios came in.

I decided to call their number and I spoke to Dion. He was welcoming, asked me questions to help him gauge my goals, listened to my concerns, answered my specific questions, and did not push their product on me. I’m happy to say by the end of the year my account now sits at $107,000.

For what it is worth, I highly recommend the HedgeFolios service for someone who wants to invest their money, but would like the hand of a trusted advisor to hold.”

– James H.

“Dear Bert,

You’ve developed an investment product that is simple and efficient which delves into areas were some investors would like to go but may think it would be too time consuming. The idea that your team and you are smarter than me (your 37 year record confirms that), makes it comfortable to trust your advice. With your team making the large moves and small tweaks to the portfolios, my only job is pressing the buy/sell button.

You confirmed my judgement to participate in the program when you sold roughly 1/3 of our portfolio on March 4th, two days prior the DJI loss of 278.

Your pricing is more than fair and we look forward to many years with you.

Thank you for using your imagination this way.”

– Mike S.

“I was skeptical at first on having to deal with transferring my accounts to a new firm in order to take advantage of the Hedgefolios program. However, after researching Folio Investing, I was convinced this was the way to go. I filled out everything online and my accounts were transferred within several days. I trust Bert and his team to keep me up to date on global market pressures and changes and to guide me accordingly. Now, with Folio Investing, keeping up with his recommendations is just a couple of clicks away. No longer do I have to spend a lot of time and effort figuring out how much to allocate between accounts. The simplicity is amazing and I’m incredibly happy I switched over to the HedgeFolios program. Not to mention I’m pretty happy about my portfolio returns too!”

–Tim M.

“[Dohmen Strategies] offers one of the best programs available for people who do not have time to monitor and select financial investments but need to invest for their future. HedgeFolios provides for complete control over your money while having world class [market analyst] guiding you. It’s helped me learn how to be a better investor while gaining clarity around today’s headlines. Thank you Bert!”

– Gino S.

“Dohmen Hedgefolios is super easy and extremely profitable. It requires “zero” effort and yields great results.

Dohmen’s insight on the world markets as a whole is ‘priceless.’ Thanks Bert and Team!”

– Greg C.

“I tried trading Bert Dohmen’s market timing signals for years, but it always took too much time and effort. HedgeFolios makes it really easy.”

– HedgeFolios Member

“[The HedgeFolios program is] Tactical, transparent and Practical.”

– Jeff S.

“Great value in terms of performance, flexibility, ease of use and ability to analyze folios.”

– HedgeFolios Member

“Not only do you give clear, understandable descriptions of the economy and the markets, but you’ve given me the opportunity to get in before the markets moved, and out with good profits.”

–Chris H.

“Bert Dohmen has astounded our conference audiences for over a decade with forecasts which at the time seemed impossible, but nevertheless came true. One of his most remarkable forecasts was at our late Fall 1987 conference, where he predicted a 500-1000 point decline in the Dow before year-end.”

–Charles G.

“Bert Dohmen is one who has a track record – a great one.”

–Dick B.

“Mr Dohmen keeps us average investors informed in views that are not possible in CNN, the Wall Street Journal, or Money Magazine because he has eyes that can see through the cracks to the growing problems, and he is not dependent on advertising revenue to stay in business. He gave me the warning about the big crash in 2008 that saved me millions of dollars.”

– Arthur G.

“I wouldn’t think of investing and trading over the next 24 months without an experienced guide like Bert at my side. It would otherwise be treacherous for the average (retail) investor!”

–John S.

“Bert Dohmen…has enabled me to generate, and perhaps more importantly, to KEEP, greater wealth than I was ever able to achieve as a result of my Medical Practice. Physician colleagues ask me how I have been able to be so “lucky” in the markets over the years. I tell them that “luck” has a name, and that name is Bert Dohmen.”

–Dr. Aaron M.

“Having been a retail broker and an institutional trader since 1978, absolutely no one has made better calls and better analysis of financial markets than you.”

– Steve M.