The HedgeFolios Advantage

In addition to receiving our analysis, timing signals, and portfolio structure, members also receive exclusive Strategy Advisories, written specifically for HedgeFolios members. These explain the changes to the model portfolios and our current market outlook. Moreover, HedgeFolios members also gain access to many other articles we write on the economy and investment markets.

Catching winners during bull markets is not that hard. However, avoiding the big losses during plunges, crashes, and bear markets is the way to substantially increase your long-term investment performance. That’s where so many money managers fail, but where we succeed.

With full flexibility over which HedgeFolios you wish to

replicate, you can be as active as you want. You will receive notifications any time we make a change to the model HedgeFolios. Following each update, you can then implement the new changes in your own brokerage account as well as make any modifications to the positions and allocations if you prefer.

Moreover, our non-asset-based fee structure makes HedgeFolios an incredible program for portfolios of $250,000 or more. This unique payment structure makes HedgeFolios a far more attractive service than investing in hedge funds or hiring wealth managers, whose fees are based on the amount in your portfolio. The low, fixed costs of HedgeFolios are a small amount to pay for peace of mind.